Artist-run Workshops

Title                         Shadowplay III

Artist                        Ro Cook

Collaborators           Jack Lee, Anthony Lo, Josephine Blake 

Ro Cook studied Interior Design and Printmaking before embarking on a design career in Australian film and television that spanned many decades.  She also teaches Art and Design at a variety of institutions.  Ro has always maintained a studio practice in printmaking. In recent years, textiles have been her medium, investigating traditional printing and dyeing techniques, mainly from the Asia Pacific region.  Her work is held in public and private collections.

Following on from the successful Shadowplay project with FRANS in 2011 and 2015, Ro returned this year to produce a body of work with an enthusiastic group with mixed abilities.  The main objectives of this project were to enjoy, giggle, laugh and interact within a collaborative group expression.

Three workshops at FRANS explored full body shadow images and colour – and a lot of it.  Shadows were projected onto paper and the outline traced. 

Each person was engaged with altering shadows that played with self-image, playing with distortion and creating shadows also of abstracted animals and plant-forms.

Each participant chose two colours to represent them and to paint their images in the same colour combination – this enhanced a sense of identity and ownership of the art works.  Pastels were hen used to embellish the forms created, accentuating the personality of each artist and their art.  The results speak for themselves.

During the workshops, participants worked to their capacity on their own works and they collaborated on some group works. Everyone commented freely on the process and felt accomplished with their results.  Strange shadows were created from reality and extended through abstraction with colour, line and texture – adjusting the original form and adding meaning. 

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